Whether first time founders or serial entrepreneurs, Labs/02 believes that winning startups are defined by great people.  Teams that are comprised of people who crave success, in any field.

Labs/02 is Jerusalem’s seed-stage incubator, centered at the heart of the city’s innovation scene. The incubator’s core mission is to advance cutting-edge technology that will shape the future in innovative areas including AI, deep learning, autonomous transportation, and smart cities. Labs/02 invests in outstanding and highly motivated founders, and leads them with a hands-on, mentorship-driven approach. The incubator’s program is designed with a boot camp feel to help founders jumpstart their companies towards success. 


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Moshe Raines is the Managing Partner of Labs/02. Prior to Labs/02, Moshe spent 20+ years as an entrepreneur as well as working in various Business Development and Corporate Development executive roles in Israel and the US. Moshe’s experiences cover Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductors, NAND Flash, Wireless Power, and Wireless Mobility with an emphasis on M&A and capital markets. Moshe draws on his vast experience advising companies of all sizes on capital structures, capital raising, M&A and strategic alternatives to be a value-add investor. Moshe received his M.Sc. degree from University of Bridgeport, CT.

Ofer Dar is a seasoned CFO with 20+ years of experience in financial positions of technology companies. Prior to joining Labs/02, Ofer served as CFO of the JVP Jerusalem Incubator. Ofer has extensive experience working with both startups and the Israeli Innovations Authority (formerly OCS). Ofer is a Certified Accountant and holds a BA and MBA from the College of Management.

Partner & CFO


Backed by OurCrowd, Motorola Solutions, Reliance Industries, and Yissum Technology Transfer

Managing Partner

Prior to joining Labs/02, Stav was an entrepreneur focused on building startup accelerators and helping founders build businesses from scratch. Stav has a knack for taking ideas she is passionate about and bringing them to life. She co-founded SifTech, the first entrepreneurship center and accelerator program in greater Jerusalem and also founded Jnext. In 2016 Stav joined OurCrowd as Director of Business Development. Stav is a graduate of Hebrew University’s prestigious PPE program and was featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2015.

Nurturing Innovation

Labs/02 looks for innovation based on the potential of founders with disruptive ideas in the fields of AI, computer vision, deep learning, autonomic transportation, and smart cities, even before PoC.  

Seed Stage


Labs/02 is engaged with the thriving local innovation community of Jerusalem, and capitalizes on the city's strengths as home to the best academic centers in Israel, leadership in computer vision, and smart city solutions.

Managing Team

Managing Team

Backed by OurCrowd,  Reliance Industries, Israel Innovation Authority, and Yissum Technology Transfer

Labs/02 is a value-added Incubator, investing in early-stage startups with amazing leaders that use innovative technology to bring creative solutions to market.


Menachem Shefer has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, with global roles in companies at IBM and Samsung. He received his BSc in Physics and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University and he is an MA candidate in Philosophy of Science from Tel Aviv University. Menachem has significant experience with mentoring startup companies in their R&D process to commercialization.

C2A Security provides in-vehicle end-to-end cyber-security protection. Using a bespoke suite of cyber-security solutions, C2A provides automotive manufacturers with tools to protect themselves from cyber attacks. C2A's products are based on a deep knowledge of the automotive industry and have been engineered from the ground up with automotive manufacturers' needs for reliability, cost, time-to-market, and integration complexity in mind. 

ForceNock is a fully automated application security solution that prevents even the most sophisticated malicious attacks on web assets and Application Programing Interface (API). FN's zero configuration solution eliminates the need for setting manual policies, ultimately reducing organization's total cost of ownership (TCO), while better mitigating overall cybersecurity threat risks and expanding the span of the protection. Acquired by Checkpoint Software.

ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™ - Data Loss Prevention solution enables organizations to proactively protect against internal and external threats, automatically. The product alerts and gives critical forensic information even after data exfiltration beyond companies boundaries. ITsMine is easy to implement, meets regulatory requirements, is transparent to employees and IT teams and requires no permanent endpoint agents. 

Kaholo is a low-code platform for creating, executing and monitoring IT/DevOps automation processes. Kaholo’s intuitive, visual interface lets Non-DevOps engineers (developers, QA, Operations) easily build even the most advanced automation workflows in minutes, with a code layer for maximum elasticity and RBAC security, providing managers full observability and control.

QuantLR applies Quantum Cryptography to protect the world’s data, we provide the worlds low-cost versatile quantum cryptographic solutions. Quantum cryptography, or Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) applies principles of quantum physics to Securely Exchange Keys in a manner proven to be secure forever. With top experts in the quantum technology, QuantLR present a major break-through to enable a worldwide mass deployment of QKD

Finance & Operations

Michaela has over 25 years of experience in finance, human resources, operations, and logistics. Prior to joining Labs/02, Michaela worked at several high-tech companies, such as Operative (SintecMedia), Vyyo (Phasecom), etc. Michaela utilizes her extensive experience in order to assist startup companies with growth.

Managing Team

Advisory Board

Board of Experts, Founding Team Member

Itche is a Channel and Revenue Expert and former VP Sales at Checkpoint Systems. His unique perspective comes from transforming one of the biggest cyber security companies in the world, creating new revenue streams for both hardware and software products and penetrating new markets. Itche has 25 years of experience in high-tech B2B Cyber Security and Telecom companies such as Checkpoint, Cyberbit and Comverse, with extensive experience in global sales and go-to-market strategy development. Itche has an EMBA from Ben Gurion University.

Portfolio Companies

Product Advisor

Shay is an expert in transforming any tech-tool into a market leading product. In addition to his position on Labs/02's advisory board, Shay is VP of Innovation at INKOD and a Managing Partner at toDay Ventures. INKOD's team has extensive experience in working with early stage B2B software startups that have gained worldwide success, such as Via, Taboola, Cybereason, and many more.

IXDen’s IoT software solution introduces patent pending security technology to protect businesses and organizations from attacks via IoT devices. IXDen creates a dynamic ‘biometric’ identity for any IoT device and performs multifactor authentication driven by proprietary topological mathematical models, statistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. IXDen protects the sensor data at its source, eliminating sensor data integrity issues. In addition, IXDen’s technology, serves as a powerful, data veracity tool for data-driven operational technology (OT) systems. IXDen is integrated into ICS devices via device vendors (OEM) and implemented in critical infrastructures across multiple industries such as Water, Energy and Gas&Oil.


Yishai is an Associate at Labs/02, a seed stage fund and startup creator. Yishai screens applicants, generates deal flow, manages the investment processes from initial contact till investment, and help companies with BizDev activities and investment relations. Prior to joining Labs/02 Yishai worked at the Ministry of Transportation and was a student fellow at Fresh.Fund a pre-seed fund, which invests in student led startups. Yishai holds a BA in Economics and International Relations from the Hebrew University and is currently pursuing his MBA there.

Operating a network and managing its health automatically in a successful manner has become critical.
NetOp provides the first autonomously operated network infrastructure and manages the network's daily health so businesses can focus on growing their company into the 21st century


Avi Douglen is a leading software security authority, and has been designing and developing secure applications for over 20 years. His consulting agency, Bounce Security, supports organizations of all sizes in integrating security methodologies and products into their development processes. He spends a lot of time with startups and development teams, providing architectural guidance and training them to build secure products. Avi Douglen also leads the OWASP Israel chapter, is co-founder of the OWASP Threat Modeling project, and is a community moderator on

Viziblezone turns mobile phones into life-saving devices. We promote a new concept of Phone to Everything (P2X). The real-time mobile phone data we provide over ad-hoc RF signals, saves vulnerable road users' lives, Increases drivers-based cars & autonomous vehicles situational awareness (P2V), Helps to better manage smart cities (P2I) and Improves safety in closed compounds (P2P, P2I2P).We offer a software-based and an Artificial Intelligence assisted vehicle/pedestrian Collision Avoidance System (CAS) as the technology primary application. The most outstanding and innovative characteristic of which is its exceptional capability to detect pedestrians up to 180m even when they are out of a direct line of sight, e.g. hidden by obstacles and in any weather/visibility conditions.For Smart Cities, we provide a comprehensive solution to increase residents' road safety and reduce VRUs fatalities and injuries. Our real-time VRU data can be used by 3rd party systems such as traffic lights and electronic signs. It also can be used by the city officers as an infrastructure advanced planning tool.These days of Covid-19, we are also adjusting our unique technology for launching a mobile-to-mobile proximity sensing APP. This person-to-person Social Distancing solution, provides inter-personal dynamic isolation, increases Social Distancing awareness, enables business continuity for vital work places and provides inter-personal encounters’ history for epidemiological insights.

Sandeep Varma

Sandeep is an accomplished strategy, M&A and business development executive with an extensive history of navigating hi-tech companies through market disruption and transformational change. With close to 20 years of cross-functional leadership experience, he has driven key strategic initiatives at Symantec, Dell, and CA Technologies to grow revenue, enhance operating margins and enter new markets to increase shareholder value. Sandeep’s strategic initiatives have translated into approximately $5B of buyside, public, private and cross-border acquisitions, divestitures, partnerships and investments in the Cybersecurity, IoT, BigData, AI/ML, DevOps and broader enterprise software markets. Sandeep holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA in economics from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.

IntellAct provides airlines, airports and ground handling teams full visibility into aircraft's turnaround services at airport's gates. It utilizes a deep-learning video classification algorithm that identifies, in real-time, the start and completion of each turnaround service. Real-time alerts coupled with comprehensive reporting allows for the identification of performance bottlenecks and to address them with a proactive and methodical approach that can yield significant operational improvements.

Loni Snape 

Loni is an expert at helping brands tell their story to the right audiences in a meaningful way. She is the founder of 98 Marketing, a marketing firm for startups that specializes in content marketing, social media marketing, and digital strategy. Prior to founding 98 Marketing, Loni founded a music-focused live streaming and crowdfunding app aimed at helping musicians make it big. She brought musicians with millions of followers on board using social media and influencer marketing techniques.
Coming from New York, Loni prides herself on working with incredible Israeli startups and helping them give across their message to successfully target the US and other English-speaking markets.

Tal Gilor is the Managing Director & CTO of Labs/08. In this role, Tal evaluates and implements venture investments in startups based in Bee’r Sheva. Prior to joining Labs/08, Tal spent 11 years working within Motorola Solutions and performed multiple roles, including SW developer, SW Manager, Product Manager, and Open Innovation Manager. In his last roles, Tal managed Motorola Solutions Venture Capital in Israel. Tal holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from Ben Gurion University and MBA from Bar Ilan University.

Managing Director at Labs/08

CorrActions is a non-invasive, software based, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) platform based on unique neuroscience algorithms that detect and decode human brain signals in real-time, using sensors already embedded in digital devices.

CorrActions can be easily integrated into a wide range of products because of its unique algorithms. CorrActions can be used to teach machines of human needs, enhance human skill training and prevent human errors.

MagniLEARN is a cloud-based ed-tech company in the area of Foreign Language Acquisition. MagniLEARN uses advanced AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to completely personalize the student's English learning experience. MagniLEARN's unique linguistic engine dynamically generates tailor-made online lessons comprised of free-form exercises for each student, based on their English proficiency and according to their school syllabus. MagniLEARN focuses on the B2B market and provides a full solution to schools by adjusting its content to the school's curriculum.

Micha RIsling 

Micha is a high-caliber and innovative executive and strategist with 20+ years of experience and a proven record of building, launching, and leading new organizations, geographies, products and teams for start-ups and mature companies. In his last position Micha served as the SVP of Marketing, Product and Business Development at Valens. Micha has a track record of turning people into leaders. Micha's unique career crosses industry boundaries and includes the Automotive, mobile, CE and communications industries, with special focus on the Semiconductor industry.